Ultracon 2015

September this year saw Brickshire attending Ultracon at Magna which, despite the change in both name and venue, is actually the same event as Knightcon which we attended last year.

Some of the models there have been seen at previous events, some were altered versions of previous models, and some were completely new; however all of them were absolutely fantastic. Ultracon was the first outing for some amazing builds, such as Craig Rushton’s Batcave, which won more than one award on the day, as did Richard Lawson’s Bumper cars which was also a brand new build. Other awards were won by Chris Adams’ ‘Once Upon a Brick’, which, although it isn’t new to events, is constantly having new members added to it, such as the Frozen girls and The Little Mermaid.

The show also featured a wonderful new collaborative build ‘England in Early Summer’, which, just like the other collaborative builds our members have done, was a fantastic example of how amazingly talented our members are and what can be achieved when great minds come together.

There were so many wonderful creations there that I am unable to mention all of them, but needless to say they were all amazing and, as I always am, I was blown away by just how skilled all of the Brickshire members are.
However, Ultracon isn’t just a show based around LEGO, it is primarily a convention for all things geek. Some Brickshire members really got into the spirit of things and, alongside the attendees of the event, decided to cosplay. We had Marty McFly, some of the crew of Serenity, and my personal favourite, Arnold Rimmer, who was posing for photos and doing the Rimmer salute much to the pleasure of the guests.

Our friends over at Bricks and Bricks Culture also came to the event, and their stand proved to be quite popular. There was fun to be had all round with them enjoying having their magazine photographed with all of the amazing cosplayers, as well as people enjoying the magazine and the extras that they brought with them.

Overall it was a great event, with stalls, parades and movie cars. There was plenty to do and see. Just like last year the Brickshire team had a brilliant time, and we hope that everyone else in attendance did too.