Mowbray 2017

Mowbray Bricks 2017 took place over the scorching weekend of 17-18th June. Luckily event organiser Andy Veltman had had the foresight to book both a marquee for the outside activities and an ice-cream van which was well used by both visitors and AFOLs.  The build tables, a Minecraft build area and DUPLO brick pit were all well used by the many youngsters and these were the first things many visitors saw as they approached the venue.

Mowbray Bricks 2017
Richard “Bricks McGee” Carter’s Fantasy Island at Mowbray Bricks 2017

Once inside a huge variety of LEGO models was available for perusal.  Monster Fighters, Star Wars, Classic Space and M-Tron were some of the LEGO themes displayed. The space monorail took pride of place by the entrance and proved a huge draw for kids and parents alike, as did the trains racing around the LEGO city at the other end of the hall. Getting from one to the other took a while though as there was plenty to inspect on the way.

This included a fantastic representation of the opening scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy Two, a modified Temple of Airjitzu and an ocean full of fantasy islands with contributions from several of the exhibitors. The Brickshire boys and girls obviously have wild imaginations as these ranged from a Bond villain’s hideout, a desert Island LEGO shop, Ra’s Al Ghul, feel younger Island Spa, Unikitty Easter Island and a Minecraft interpretation.  Spotting the various mini figures hidden amongst the displays and watching, and often participating in the live build of a Disney Castle also proved very popular.